Ropes for safety Uses

A rope can be used for a wide range of things. Most people have less information on the types of ropes. In this article, we shall look at the ten most popular types of rope that you will come across Ravenox’s cord locks.  

Twisted rope. It is also known as “Laid Rope”. It has a spiral look. It consists of three strands that are twisted together continuously. It’s not the strongest rope but also not the weakest. It is difficult to knot twisted rope.  

Braided ropes. Different fiber strands are braided together to make the braided rope. They are usually durable. They are also resistant to chemicals. They are capable of resisting acid at room temperature.  

Climbing ropes. They are designed specifically for climbing. They are super-tough as they are made with a “Kernmantle Design”. They are also resistant to abrasion.  

Parachute cord. They are mainly used when skydiving. They are designed to prevent one from falling. They are also used in building shelters. They are also known as “paracord”. 

Guyline cord. These ropes are used in making lanyards for items such as multi-tools, flashlight, etc. They are not strong.  

Bungee cord. They are mainly used in camping or outdoor. Bungee cord is stretchy. They have hooks at the ends making it possible to latch on to something. They are cheap and lightweight.  

Sisal rope. It is made from sisal. Sisal rope resists saltwater deterioration and it’s strong. One disadvantage is that, it can be “bristly”. It can cut your hands off if you a not careful. It is also cheap.  

Baling Twine. They are mostly used in tieing up hay bales. One advantage is that, it’s affordable.  

Tow strap. It can be used in hauling cars or boats. They are capable of pulling thousands of pounds. They are cheap.  

Manila rope. Manila rope provides better grip making it suitable for climbing.  


You’ll buy a rope that best suits your needs. It’s also good to have one in your bag.