Bed Bug Treatment

What are bed bugs? 

Bed bugs are small oval shaped, wingless, six-legged parasitic insects which are look like fleas and small cockroaches. It is mostly brown and looks like a squeezebox. They suck blood from both human beings and animals hence can be found on any residential place such as homes, hotels, student dormitories, motels and guest houses. They are no respecter of hygiene hence can infest any type of residence as their primary need is blood. They are confined in the bed room hence the name bed bug but can also be found in living rooms or closets.  

What do they like? 

They like breeding in any furniture that is made from fabric and wood. Besides, they like a warm and most environment though they can adapt and survive in a cold environment. They are too clever that they take advantage of their small size and squeeze themselves into deep spaces of the bed or furniture thus making it very difficult to identify and kill. 

How we get them 

Despite the attempts that have been made to get rid of bed bugs, they have kept coming back every now and then. This are some of the ways they are transmitted; 

  • Through purchase of used or second-hand furniture that may contain bed bugs. 
  • Through travelling hence transmitting the bed bugs from your home to your destination or from some place to your home. 
  • Moving to a new home where the new home may contain bed bugs. 

How to control them 

Many methods have been used in the past to treat bed bugs in the past without much success. Among them maintaining a high level of hygiene has been tried but not with much success as their aim is sucking blood and don’t care your level of cleanliness. Also throwing away furniture has been tried but has proved not an effective way to treat bed bugs as they can still breed and come back to the house. 

How to effectively treat bed bugs with help of a specialist 

  • Using steamers to kill them with temperatures ranging from 115 to 180 degrees. 
  • Freezing of up to -110 degrees. 
  • Use of pyrethroids that have same effects as pyrethrum. 
  • Aerosol or concentrated forms of Dichlorvos. 
  • Use of Malathion

Here are some of the simple ways to prevent infestation of bed bugs 

  • If you planning to buy a house, prefer that that has not been used over one year as bed bugs can’t survive for 18months without food. 
  • Regularly inspect your beddings just to be sure you don’t have them.  
  • Do not just pick furniture and mattresses that have been discarded. 
  • Choose new furniture over second hand furniture. 

Bed bugs are not as small as their size. 

They are small in size but very creative and tactile as they can even identify chemicals and run away before treatment targets them. 

Do not underestimate bed bugs! 

For effective treatment, contact a professional and stay free from bed bugs!!! Pest Pro bed bug killer .