How to ensure indoor playgrounds are safe.

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Indoor playgrounds unlike outdoor playgrounds give kids the liberty to play and have fun regardless of the weather. They are also secure in that parents or even teachers have the children all contained in one closed space and can not therefore stray and get lost. Indoor playground design safety should therefore should be a priority. This can be achieved by;

Choosing proper equipment

When choosing equipment for an indoor play space, one should make sure that clearance areas required for each piece of equipment is available. Equipment used should also be from reputable companies. This mainly is to avoid cases of equipment breaking down while in use maybe because of poor production. Equipment in a  play space go a long way to determine indoor playground design safety. Only those designed and manufactured for indoor use should be used. Age of children in the playground should also be considered when choosing equipment.

Playground surfacing

While you might want a commercial indoor play space, safety should be the main factor put into consideration. Indoor playground design safety should include the space’s ground. A survey carried out shows that each year, hospital emergency rooms are swarmed with kids having playground injuries. A majority of them get these injuries from falls. To help reduce risk of injury, hard surfaces are therefore not recommended. Instead, shock absorbent surfacing should be used. The surfaces should be made of soft material such as rubber tiles. Typically, the higher the equipment, the deeper the surfacing should be.

Playground surfaces should be free of water. It should be designed with a proper drainage system to avoid accumulation of fluids on the ground hence avoid slipping. Objects that can lead to tripping should also be gotten rid of.

Regular playground inspectations

Designing safe indoor playgrounds is not enough. The playground area should be inspected every once in a while to make sure all equipment are in good condition. Faulty equipment should be repaired. Indoor playground design safety should put into consideration visual barriers within the play area. Adult supervisors should be able to monitor every child in the playground at all times and stop any mischievous activities.In conclusion, indoor playground design safety, whether for commercial or home entertainment,  is the perfect space to let children bring to life their fantasies. With the excitement and energy that comes with that age, kids need all the space they can get to jump and yell in.

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