Flooring Options To Boost Housing Resale Value

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The lamination process is a fusion of tow or more types of materials, sealing them together. Today there are varieties of laminate flooring choices. Just to name stones, wood and tiles are some of the most conventional lamination used. Any grain color that you can imagine of or layout of stones and tiles can be captured and laminated to create a split that can be quickly assembled to form a floor. As many say the sky is the limit, to make all consumers to settle on one type of laminate is tough and that is why we keep on having different types and designs of laminate flooring.

For you to be able to choose and settle on one type of laminate below we have discussed various types of laminate floors and other factors that will help you select laminate flooring that will fit well into your project.

Installation types

Dividing laminate flooring regarding installation is easy. So when selecting a laminate to ensure you pick the one with the kind of facility you highly prefer

Clueless click- the majority of laminates produced today fall under this group. They are easy to install, and most of them come with underpad that is attached to make installation quicker.

Glued laminated- for this kind of laminate flooring you are required to glue the joints together. This category of installation makes your floor very hot. One of the drawbacks of glued laminate is that it is associated with high cost of installation and it is time-consuming.

The pre-glued category- with this type of laminate flooring the joints are glued already, and the only thing is to moisten them so that they can work well.

Types of surfaces

You might decide to choose the laminate flooring in term of the surface. The design of the surface you want may force you to select the flooring in a different manner.

The flowing is types of surfaces you may consider;

Smooth surface- most smooth surfaces are like hardwood it is tough to distinguish them especially beginners. Here you may decide to choose the small, medium or high gloss finishes.

Textured surface- some of the laminates have a textured finish.

Distressed /hand scrapped- the hand scraped laminate was made available recently. Initially, this process was reserved for engineers or solid hardwood floors only.

Embossed in registration- with this type of embossed it is tough to distinguish between it and the grain match because they look alike.

For those individuals who look for durability as the only way of deciding the best types of laminates flooring, the AC rating can help them in making a decision for better laminate flooring.